Ben Cherry

Camera Operator, DoP & Shooting PD 

Natural History | Documentary | Factual | People

Passion: Capturing environmental stories that cover both wildlife and human angles, to give a more rounded understanding that inspire and connect with audiences.

Core skills: Natural history specialist camera operator, skills ranging from 4-axis macro and motion control, long lens behavioural, gimbal, drone, and obs doc environmental filming.

Ben Cherry is a multi award winning natural history filmmaker, photographer and tour leader with a fascination for story telling and the natural world. Combining these fields, Ben is able to effectively 

communicate the remarkable beauty and fragility of the world. With a passion for honing the look and style of filming to best compliment the story and tone of a production, Ben stays up to date with technical innovation and techniques enabling him to push visual story telling boundaries. Giving a more immersive and insightful experience to the viewer is what Ben strives to create through his work.

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