Christina Karliczek Skoglund

Underwater Camera Operator & DoP

Natural History | Features | Commericals | Topside 

Core skills: Highly experienced HSE diver and rebreather diver, with a background in topside camera operating.


Passion: Exploring wildlife behaviour in the open ocean. Creating engaging underwater cinematography.

Christina Karliczek Skoglund is an international award-winning director of photography and underwater specialist. Christina left her original path as a camera operator for for TV, commercials and features which began 15 years ago, to follow her passion for photography in aquatic environments. She has filmed topside and underwater around the world for wildlife and expeditions series for BBC, NDR/ Doclights, Terra Mater and National Geographic. The film “Sharks Of The Icy North” was her debut as producer-director for Doclights/ NDR/ ARTE/ ORF and Curiosity Stream. Christina's eye for evolving technology and familiarity with working in hostile and extreme locations has propelled her into focusing on creating sequences for natural history landmark series.

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