Cunning Media

Specialist DIT Services

DIT | Data Wrangling | Media Ingest Kit Hire | Edit Assistant | Workflow Consultancy

Cunning Media offer smart solutions for productions of all sizes to work smarter, faster, and cheaper when it comes to post production. 

Their unique service incorporates niche skills and 24 years combined industry experience to provide DITs, data wranglers, edit assistants, bespoke ingest kit hire, consultancy on workflows and processes and edit assistant training, with 24/7 support available.

Cunning build and work with specialist kit that can process footage 5x faster than most machines anywhere else. The kit is small enough to fit in airline hand luggage and perfect for on location ingest, meaning when drives arrive back from location, the edit media is ready to copy to the shared storage. For example, 60 hours of HD footage can be processed within 12 hours on location, whereas would usually take 3-4 days after the shoot in the edit. Cunning's kit save production time and money by avoiding time spent on the ingest after the shoot. 

Sarah is a dynamic Editor and DIT with over 15 years industry knowledge and experience and has provided her services to well known series’ such as ‘The Great British Bake Off’, ‘and Sex Education’ and on series for Silverback and Disney Nature from Argentina to the Arctic. On location Sarah is a one woman pop up post house who manages offloads, transcodes, logging, assembly edits and more.

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