Dominique Gorton

Underwater & Topside 1st AC | Jr. Camera Operator

Dominique is a HSE part 4 open circuit and rEvo rebreather diver with over 20 years diving experience, and began working in the television industry in 2007. Most recently working on Nat Geo's One Strange Rock & Earth Live, BBC's Wild Alaska Live, and Sky's Big Beasts, she is comfortable and experienced working in hostile and extreme environments. Dominique is a highly versatile assistant with the ability to provide topside and underwater support, bringing huge amounts of technical knowledge to location. Over the years Dominique has acquired the skill set to support high pressure live broadcast set ups, and is a Gates Housing service technician. In addition to camera assisting she is able to data wrangle, provide mask support to presenters, shoot behind the scenes footage & timelapse, and has her own A7S MK2 underwater camera kit. 

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