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From fixers to topside and underwater DoP's, operators and assistants, drone pilots, rope access specialists, and safety support, the KMG Global Crew directory is a highly detailed and unique system providing productions with crew and fixer suggestions from around the world.


Key features of the KMG Global Crew directory include the detailed information criteria and location calendar which crews complete, and KMG's efforts to work with crew and fixers that come recommended. KMG's ever growing network of production companies and specialist crew have created a well connected and trusted platform connecting the two.

How does it work

- Crews have a private profile containing information on their skills, experience, expertise, calendar, and home / working locations. This information can be updated any time by the crew and is only accessible by KMG - the directory is not publicly available to browse.

- Productions get in touch with KMG with details of crew they are looking for i.e skills, experience, location, dates.

- KMG searches the Global directory for crew profiles that match the specified criteria and then sends contact details and relevant information about matching crew back to production.

 - Production get directly in touch with crew and KMG is no longer involved.

Additional Feature: Crew call-outs

When productions are looking for something more specific, KMG can help with confidential call-out emails to KMG crew. For example, where a production might be looking to film certain behaviour by a specific species, KMG can email relevant crew with information as dictated by the production, without referring to who the production are. This enables KMG to reach out across the Global Crew network to connect productions with crew who might be able to help. KMG Crew call-out emails are only ever sent at the request of the production, and information is passed back to the production to get directly in contact with crew.

- Download the full KMG Global Crew information for     Crew,      Fixers,     and    Production here

What does it cost

Production - no fee

Fixers - £200 a year - request to join here

Camera and Safety Support Crew - £150 a year - request to join here