Katie Wardle

Topside & Underwater AC | Jr. Camera Operator |

Data Wrangler | Dive Support 

Passion: Shooting cinematic stories that matter from the canopy, ground, or below the sea.


Core skills: Junior topside camera operator in long lens, macro and specialist multi-camera rigs, and underwater camera assistant.

Coming from the drama world, Katie has a keen eye for distinct cinematic visuals and has gained a high knowledge of cinematic techniques that she brings into her wildlife filmmaking. Working as a freelance technician for Esprit Film and Television, Katie has built on specialist skills as a HSE Diver, and with a variety of topside and underwater kit including time-lapse, macro, and full spectrum rigs. Katie has shot and created content in UHD, and is a passionate conservationist looking to use her skills to help educate and inspire others to care for the planet. This passion was recognised by National Geographic in 2017, where Katie was awarded a story telling grant to shoot a long form conservation documentary in New Zealand.