KMG Core Crew 

KMG provides a management service to a small number of Core Crew, working closely with them to provide support, manage work loads, increase and pursue work opportunities, and  keep up to date with industry news. From introductions, to managing diaries, communications, and kit, KMG works with Core Crew to help achieve career goals, and create a better work-life balance.


Specialist DIT Services

DIT | Data Wrangling | Media Ingest Kit Hire | Edit Assistant | Workflow Consultancy

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Natural History | Adventure | Expeditions | Filming at Height


Underwater Camera Operator & DoP

Natural History | Features | Commercials | Topside


Commercials | Drama | Feature Film | Music Videos | Topside | Underwater

specalist underwater adventure camerman dop

Natural History | Documentary | Underwater | Topside

Dominique Gorton

Jr. Camera Operator and Assistant

Underwater and Topside

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Underwater Camera Assistant

Underwater and Topside