Natalie Turner-Blackman

Underwater AC | Dive Support

Passion: To inspire others to protect nature and spend more time out in the great outdoors. 


Core skills: HSE media diver and AC for both topside and underwater

Natalie is an underwater and topside camera assistant who has worked on shoots both in the UK and overseas. She is a IV Commercial Diver and PADI Divemaster, with experience in temperate and tropical waters with a range of marine life. With a degree in Marine and Natural History Photography and working across various marine placementS, Natalie has a strong conservation and natural history background. As a freelance camera technician at Esprit Film and Television, Natalie regularly works with the latest topside and underwater specialist equipment, and on bespoke built rigs for many high end natural history productions, commercials and features.


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Rawst Forms - Wild Film Festival Adventure Category Winner 2019