Rob Taylor

Camera Operator  & DoP

Natural History | Documentary | Underwater | Topside

Passion:  Moving water; rapids, rivers, streams, seas, waves, boats, bubbles and bath time. Anything in or around water.

Core Skills: 

- Active, immersive, risk taking and responsive camera work that 'feels' the content.
- Working in remote, difficult, and off-grid locations
- Maximum visual bang with minimum faff.

Rob Taylor is a camera person and director of photography for specialist factual, science and adventure television. Working for 20 years as a camera person, he has travelled the world and its oceans, filming topside and underwater. Rob has worked closely on programmes for Animal Planet, BBC, Discovery, and National Geographic setting the style for the series. Rob is experienced shooting high pressure action adventure, wildlife, and working in extreme locations. Rob has a selection of kit for topside, underwater, and drone work, suitable for shooting closer to home or on expeditions through challenging environments. Rob is a HSE diver and also has a valid iVisa.

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