Simon Werry

Cinematographer and DoP

On the ground and in the air

Passion: Problem solving and making the 'impossible' possible.


Core skills: A passionate Director of Photography working with some of the most technologically advanced stabilising systems ever invented

Simon Werry is a 5 times Emmy award winning aerial cinematographer and director of photography, with natural history credits for the BBC, ITV, Discovery, National Geographic, Netflix and Disney to name a few.


Simon has 30+ years experience working across the industry from wildlife to feature films, documentaries, drama and commercials. Specialising in stabilised systems on the ground, in the air, and over water, Simon owns various Shotover systems which are available for wet and dry hire. With over 6000+ hours in the air, Simon can help to provide complete aerial co-ordination through his trusted contacts globally, creating ease for productions when working across complex and highly specialised shoots.

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