Will Nicholls

Main & Second Camera Operator

Natural History | Adventure | Expeditions | Filming at Height

Core skills: Long lens cinematographer and rope access specialist.

Will is a wildlife cameraman and canopy access specialist who is as comfortable shooting with two feet on the ground as he is at height in the canopy.

Equipped with his own platform hide for filming in the treetops, Will can offer a rare window in which to film from. Previous television credits include working for the BBC, Plimsoll Productions, and Silverback Films.


He has shot with a variety of kit including RED, Sony f55, Phantom VEO cameras, cable dollies and sliders.

Before making the move into video a few years ago, Will won multiple awards for his wildlife photography, and is founder of nature photography community Nature TTL. He harnesses this creative experience to give his filming work a cinematic edge, with strong compositions and careful shot selection

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