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Connecting & Supporting

the Natural History Filmmaking Industry


KMG helps to connect production companies with natural history filmmakers 

Who do we work with?

  • Topside and Underwater Camera Crew

  • Sound Recordists

  • Safety Crew

  • Fixers

  • Researchers

  • Assistant Producers 

  • Field Directors

  • Producer Directors 

Crew and Editorial Talent pay an annual fee to be part of the KMG directory, and production companies use it for free!

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KMG's Industry Support is a FREE community that you can request to join.

KMG creates and manages topical group chats across our industry, to help create positive changes to the way we work!

Meet KMG's Core Crew

KMG provides a management service to a small number of Core Crew, working closely with them to provide personal support, manage work loads, increase and pursue work opportunities, and keep up to date with industry news.


From introductions, to managing diaries, communications, production paperwork, and kit, KMG works with Core Crew to help achieve career goals, and create a better work-life balance

Rob Taylor Topside and underwater DoP - hang off the boat.jpg

Topside & Underwater DoP

Christina Karliczek Skoglund Underwater Camera and DoP

Underwater Camera & DoP

Simon Werry Cinematographer and DoP

Cinematographer & DoP

Zach Levi-Rogers Aerial Cinematographer

Aerial Cinematographer

Cunning Media Specialist DIT Services

Specialist DIT Services


Editorial rates website.png


Published August 2023

crew rates website.png


Published Sept 2022

Training and partners


Courses and talks for natural history filmmakers

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How to Negotiate

Talk exclusively for crew and editorial talent

From Martin Land (in person - Bristol, UK)


Shotover F1 / M1 Traning

From Flying Camers (in person - Woking, UK)
16th October 2023

The Human Diver - Human Factors in Diving Course

Human Factors in Diving

The Essentials Level 0

From The Human Diver (Online)

When? Anytime


Partners & Discounts

Steele Financial

Accountants experienced working with freelance camera crew and businesses, including tax returns, accounts, VAT, bookkeeping etc.


Drone pilot agency providing worldwide insurance, zero admin for ops manuals and authorisation, technical support and access to kit hire

Insight insurance Services

Specialist media insurers working with freelancers & production companies. Insight’s mission is to remove the complexity of arranging an all-inclusive insurance policy.


A not-for-profit organisation who collect and distribute royalty payments due to cinematographers and editors* where works are broadcast in some European countries

About KMG

With a degree in Wildlife Conservation and background working in specialist kit hire, KMG Management was established by Katie-Marie Goodwright in 2018 to assist production with finding the best specialist crew around the world. With the success of KMG Global Crew, KMG has gone on to launch KMG Editorial Talent and KMG's Industry support, to help better connect and support our industry. For production, KMG specialises in recommending crew and editorial talent, matching their skills and experience with production requirements. KMG's understanding of various specialisms and the additional considerations required, is hugely beneficial to productions when using KMG's services. Being well networked within the industry and understanding the importance of a team crew are fundamental to KMG.  For crew and editorial talent, KMG's global directories help to connect them with production companies on the look out for crew / talent. KMG Core Crew is an additional management service for a select number of camera crew, working closely with them to provide support which enables them to focus more on the job they love and less on the admin that comes with it! KMG provides industry to support everyone working within natural history filmmaking, to help our industry work better together. In addition, KMG can also provides production underwater support to help bring a shoot together for productions who have little / no experience of working underwater, or are under tight time constraints. From budgeting to logistics, kit, safety and support, KMG can work with production to assist with planning an underwater shoot.

About KMG - Katie-Marie Goodwright
Working With
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