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KMG's Industry Support Community

working better together

KMG is creating a new FREE community for natural history filmmakers to discuss industry issues and propose new ideas to promote a fairer, more supportive, and more collaborative industry. This will be a safe space where KMG will create and manage group chats across topics that people want to discuss, always ensuring the right people are part of the right conversations. Those not wanting to participate in group chats can be kept up to date via the email newsletter. Anyone working within our industry can request to join this community.


KMG will work with the community to create Industry Support Projects, where KMG will action the wants and needs of the collective. Rather than paying any membership fees to be part of the community, KMG will look to split costs between community members wanting to support projects, or production companies where appropriate. 

KMG's first Industry Support Project was to create the first natural history editorial rates guideline for 2023 which can be found here

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Industry Support Focus areas

  • Production: support people management, mental health, & inclusion, diversity training.

  • Crew: create & support training opportunities.

Pay & Terms

Improve conditions around pay, contracts,

working hours,

& job security.

  • Promote a healthier working environment

  • Improve crew & production relationships

  • Create more considerate teams

Mental health

Create better support & review industry practices that contribute to poor mental health.

Day to day

      Create better:

  • Pre-shoot communication

  • Feedback policies

  • Misconduct reporting / handling

  • Collaboration mentality

  • Ethical considerations

  • Safety understanding

diversity & inclusion

Help to create

 opportunities & promote a more diverse team.

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