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with production companies

The KMG directory is a highly detailed and unique system where KMG works to connect crew, fixers, and editorial talent from around the world with productions who are actively on the look out! KMG works with specialist natural history topside and underwater...

Global Crew - DoP's, main camera, 2nd camera, assistants, drone pilots, sound recordists, rope access specialists, safety support, and fixers


Editorial Talent - Researchers, assistant producers, field directors, and producer /directors.

Membership fee £150 per year

Every time you refer a friend who becomes a KMG Member, they get a 20% discount you get 20% off your next year's renewal.

Refer 5 friends and your next year is FREE!

How it works

1 / Create your profile

KMG Members have a private profile containing information their skills, experience, expertise, home location, upcoming work locations and for editorial - availability. This information can be updated anytime and is only accessible by KMG - the directory is not publicly available to browse.

2 /  KMG connects with production companies

Productions get in touch with KMG with details of crew / editorial talent  they are looking for i.e skills, experience, location.

3 / KMG makes connections

KMG searches the global directory for profiles that match the specified criteria, and then sends contact details and relevant information about matching KMG members back to production.

4 / Production get in touch

Production get directly in touch with KMG members, and KMG is no longer involved in the communication.

5 / We let you know

KMG members are sent a message that reads only 'Your details have been forwarded to a production company'

Please note that KMG Global Crew and Editorial Talent are separate services to KMG Core Crew

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