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Production Companies

KMG helps to connect productions with specialist natural history crew globally, and editorial talent. KMG's services are free of charge to production as crew / talent pay a flat annual fee to be part of the KMG directory.

What is the KMG directory?


The KMG directory contains specialist crew / editorial talent profiles with detailed information on their skills, experience, expertise, working locations, CV's, showreels, availability, etc. This information can be updated any time by the crew / talent, and is only accessible by KMG - the directory is not publicly available to browse.


KMG's can provide production companies with suggestions for the following job roles:


Global Crew: Topside and underwater DoP's, 2nd camera, assistants, sound recordists, drone pilots, rope access specialists, safety support, and fixers worldwide.

Editorial Talent: Researchers, assistant producers, field directors and producer / directors.


KMG members pay a flat annual fee to be part of the directory!

How it works

1 / You tell KMG what you are looking

Productions get in touch with KMG with details of the shoot / production and crew / talent they are looking for i.e skills, experience, location, dates, etc. NDA's can be signed where needed, information is never passed back to KMG members

2 /  You receive suggestions

KMG searches the directory for crew / talent profiles that match the specified criteria and then sends contact details and relevant information back to production.

3 / You contact the perfect person!

Production gets directly in touch with crew / talent and KMG is no longer involved.

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