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For time sensitive shoots and productions new to working underwater 

KMG can provide support for productions unfamiliar with working underwater, or where a shoot becomes time critical. As filming underwater has many more logistical, legal, and financial implications to consider, KMG can work through these with you to fit your expectation, budget, and time frame. Support from KMG takes the pressure off both production and crew so that working underwater is as exciting as it should always be!


KMG can provide the following underwater support:

Initial concept

    - For productions thinking about shooting underwater or in the early stages of planning, KMG can help discuss what might be involved to achieve the brief.


    - For crew, equipment, safety support, and locations.


    - KMG can provide suggestions for all underwater crew from operators, assistants and focus pullers, to dive contractors and safety team.


    - KMG has experience of working in specialist kit hire and works closely with kit house Esprit Film and Television to hire topside and underwater equipment where needed. KMG can help advise on kit and also book on behalf of production.


    - When filming underwater there are many additional logistics which KMG can work together with production on, to ensure everything needed is accounted for. When booking multiple crew and kit KMG can act as a central point of contact for production, creating a single efficient line of contact. This is particularly useful for time critical shoots, or where changes are being made in the last moments!

Please note that all bookings and contracts are between production and supplier, KMG offers assistance and support only. KMG Underwater Support fees are project dependant 


"Katie was amazing to work with and all her team members were very professional and lovely. I will definitely be using them again"   

Claudia Legge, Director and Camera Operator.

—  Commercial for The Body Shop

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